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History of Games Gambling Card Domino 99 you are probably one enthusiast gambling game cards Domino 99, but there is a possibility large you never know the origin of the history of gambling card game Domino 99 Online, and we will browse through a bit of a lot of the historical origins of the card game Domino online.

If we take the initial story of the history of the card game "Domino" people who say the origin of the history of the State Curtain Bamboo (China) in the century in 1120 AD, so the game "domino" could be said to be a card game that is very old, and is only for officials from Bamboo Curtain country (China) who play to fill their spare time in the century.

With the development of Age of computer technology and progressive development of the Internet has been developed game " Domino online, until the game is already playable or can be accessed online via the Internet and mobile phones freely and can be played anywhere and anyone very easily , without having to have a card " domino " and a place to play .

And we as an Authorized Agent Domino 99 Online has been providing facilities were good enough for the members of our beloved , that is where the beginning of our facilities that provide applications that can be downloaded to play the game Domino 99 in TAB / Tablets to be accessed online through hand phone we also provide CS / Customer Service which is already very experienced in this field , to lead or guide our loyal members who experience problems or difficulties in the game " Domino " .

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